ESPI 18/2020 Receiving a substantial financial subsidy

Management Board of IMS S.A. (“Company”, “Issuer”) hereby informs that on 13 May 2020 it received information that the Company was granted a subsidy of PLN 2.978.000 from the Polish Development Fund under the PDF Small and Medium Enterprises Financial Shield Programme (“Programme”) launched on 29 April 2020. Previously, three subsidiaries of the Issuer – IMS r&d Sp. z o.o., IMS events Sp. z o.o. and APR Sp. z o.o. – received subsidies in the amounts of PLN 380.000, 265.000 and 299.000 respectively.

Subsidies are subject to be repaid in 24 equal monthly installments, starting from the 13th calendar month, counting from the first full calendar month after the date of granting the subsidy. Basing on the conditions included in the regulations of the Programme, the Board of the Issuer estimates that about 50% of the received amounts of the subsidy, i.e. a total of approximately 2 million PLN, will be remitted.

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