Subscription locations

The IMS Group is the sensory marketing leader in Poland, and it is also more and more effective at developing its services in other countries. As at the 31.03.2024 the Group provided its services to 35,264 subscription locations in the territory of Poland and abroad (a location = a single audio or video device or an aroma box for which a subscription fee is collected).

Subscription services, in majority, are based on long term several-year contracts. Proceeds from subscriptions constitute 50% of all Group’s revenue.

An increase in the number of subscription locations operated by the IMS Group from 2000 to IQ 2024


The market for subscription services

According to data from Central Statistical Office of Poland, there are several thousands of service and retail outlets, whose business profile matches the profile of current IMS Group clients. In some of them, there might be more than one subscription per location (e.g. a shopping centre may use one or two devices for audio marketing and even a dozen of aroma boxes, which means that within one point of sale we may be dealing with a dozen of subscription locations). This indicated that the size of the Polish market (and more widely the European market, where the Group plans to expand) is massive.
Sources of competitive advantage of the IMS Group are primarily based on comprehensive approach to sensory marketing in points of sale and on building in each of developed sectors (audio, video and scent) strong internal competence. This concerns marketing, sales, technical and logistic competence. The Group has its own teams to carry out these specific tasks. Direct customer service departments, built on top-of-the line professionals for years, give the company a tremendous competitive edge, which makes it hard to for competitors to catch up with today’s IMS Group in many of these areas. For example, competence of the IMS S.A.’s music department is now the best in Poland, which can be proved by the fact that many other entities operating in the music industry consult IMS S.A. on issues relating to the application of music (compilations, creating play lists etc.).
A unique feature of the offer in each sector, where the IMS Group competes, is offering the best innovative marketing solutions developed in a comprehensive manner. The offer of the Group is to completely unburden the client of the implementation, management and monitoring of sale systems and processes aimed at marketing activities in the point of sale. The client, having agreed on targets to reach or tasks to complete, does not participate in the marketing action. Obviously, it does not refer to consulting the client on e.g. development of music profiles presented in client’s store or accepting the contents of individual promotional spots.
The IMS Group has developed audio, video and scent marketing services in points of sale on the widest scale in Poland. The Capital Group’s systems are used in many places in Poland. Our clients are:
– Shopping Centres and Shopping Malls such as: Galeria Mokotów, Złote Tarasy, ATRIUM, Blue City, Manufaktura Łódź, Silesia City Center in Katowice, Galeria Kazimierz in Krakow, Galeria Krakowska, Arkady Wrocławskie, Bonarka City Center in Krakow, Galaxy in Szczecin, Galeria Bałtycka in Gdańsk, Galeria Dominikańska in Wrocław, Galeria Jurajska in Częstochowa, Galeria Łódzka, Galeria Solna in Inowrocław, Pasaż Grunwaldzki in Wrocław, Plejada Bytom, Stary Browar in Poznań, Wzorcownia in Włocławek, INGKA Centers, Posnania, RIVIERA in Gdynia, Galeria Warmińska, Galeria EMKA in Koszalin, Galeria Nowotarska in Nowy Targ, Galeria Kościerska, Galeria Krotoszyńska, Galeria ECHO, Centrum Handlowe Rumia, CH Serenada in Krakow, CH Kaszuby;
– Chain stores such as: Carrefour Polska, Polomarket, E.Leclerc Polska, EUROCASH (Eurosklep, Duży Ben, Groszek), TOP MARKET, LEWIATAN, LIDL, NETTO (Poland and Germany), SPAR, SPOŁEM, Stokrotka, Drogerie NATURA, Sieć Kupiec, Api Market, DAJAR, Bokaro;
– Clothing and footwear companies such as: CCC, LPP (House, Cropp, Mohito, Sinsay), Top Secret, Kazar Footwear, Bytom, Vistula, 4F, Solar Company, Medicine, Quiosque, Szachownica, Moodo, Butiki Cyrkularne, By Insomnia;
– Contractors from other industries: restaurant chains: Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Santander Bank Polska, BP, Jysk, Hebe, Super-Pharm, Castorama, Intersport, Majster Budowlane ABC (Pszczółka), Media Expert, Sieć PZU Zdrowie, Pijalnie Czekolady Wedel, Parki Handlowe – Multibox, Hotel Kasprowy (Bachleda) Zakopane, Swiss Krono (Showroom), Samsung (Showroom Warszawa), Bidfood (Showroom Farutex), Agromasz.


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