This is a very important element supporting modern marketing strategies. It cannot be ignored because we receive smells regardless of our will. It has a very strong effect on our mood, well-being, and emotions. Furthermore, it builds lasting memories associated with time and place.
It is worth making these memories positive.

According to the survey done by the Millward Brown group in 2016, every fourth respondent had substantially better impressions from a visit to a service point where IMS scent marketing was used.


  • The sense of smell is the most primitive of all senses
  • It affects most of our emotions, and 75% of them are associated with aroma
  • The smell causes specific reactions, e.g., the aroma of coffee and citrus causes a feeling of thirst and even hunger
  • The sense of smell is responsible for processing memories and emotions
  • We can remember an aroma even for 50 years


  • Builds Customer loyalty
  • It is your brand’s “fragrance card”
  • Preserves a positive brand image
  • Creates a pleasant atmosphere
  • Awakens positive memories
  • Increases brand loyalty, Customer awareness, and commitment
  • Extends time spent in the store
  • Contributes to increased concentration
  • Reduces the perception of time or the feeling of stress or fatigue

IMS makes the right selection of customized fragrance notes for selected Customer groups, with a portfolio of over 1,600 aromas.

Did you know that

83% of consumers confirm that they will leave a point of sale with a badly selected or too intrusive aroma and later on will avoid coming back there?

Elevating the Customer Experience / Walnut Unlimited - 2019


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