ESPI 10/2020 Completion of the 1st Tranche of the Own Shares Buy-back Programme

The Board of Directors of IMS S.A. (“Company”, “Issuer”) with reference to current reports No. 4/2020 of 03.02.2020 and 5/2020 of 04.02.2020 informs that on 27th February this year the buy-back of own shares within the 1st Tranche of the Own Shares Buy-back Programme executed under Resolution No.10 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of 21 January 2020 was completed and cleared.

Within this Tranche the Company acquired 325,000 shares of the total nominal value of PLN 6,500, representing 1.00% of the Issuer’s share capital and giving right to 325,000 votes in the GM (1.00% of total votes). The shares were acquired by the Company at the price of PLN 4.00 per share. In line with the provision of Resolution No.10 of 21 January 2020 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of IMS S.A. own shares of the Company were acquired to be redeemed.

As at 27 February 2020 the Issuer holds the total of 1,274,245 own shares with the nominal value of PLN 25,484.90, of which:

– 949,245 shares, which in line with the resolution of the EGM of 21 January this year are subject to redemption,

– 325,000 own shares acquired in the above mentioned Tranche.

The Issuer, pursuant to Article 364 section 2 of the Commercial Companies Code, does not exercise its right to vote from own shares held.

Detailed legal basis: Article 2 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2016/1052

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