ESPI 15/2021 Recommendation of the Management Board of IMS S.A. concerning payment of dividend for 2020

Management Board of IMS S.A. (“Company”, “Issuer”), informs that it will recommend to the Supervisory Board and the Ordinary General Assembly (“AGM”) of the Company the payment of dividend for 2020 in the amount of 7 gr/share. The above mentioned recommendation means that the amount of PLN 2.176.936,02 will be allocated for payment to the Shareholders. The dividend rate, based on the closing price of 01/06/2021, is 1.94%. The dividend will cover 31,099,086 shares.

The above mentioned recommendation of dividend payment is a result of a broad analysis of the situation of the Company, IMS S.A. Capital Group and the economic environment. In particular, it concerns a stable, good financial situation of the Issuer, increase in the number of subscription locations and reviving revenues from advertising services. The aforementioned recommendation is also in line with the dividend policy pursued by the IMS Group, which provides that at least 60% of the consolidated net profit attributable to the parent company is distributed to shareholders on an annual basis.

If the recommended dividend is approved by the AGM, it will be the ninth year in a row, when the Company shares the profit with the Shareholders.

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