How do customers rate shopping malls using display advertising?

The DISPLAY ADVERTISING system is an inseparable element of modern commercial facilities. It includes, among others ADVERTISING MONITORS, on which promotional content is displayed, as well as ADVERTISING IN STORE RADIO, through which spots are broadcast. All this affects in the building the pleasant atmosphere in the store, which is extremely important because it is directly related to the behavior of customers.

The atmosphere of the object can affect how the customer will perceive the place and how he will feel in it. In addition, it may be related to how long the consumer will spend in a given place, whether he will come back to this place and recommend the object to friends, as well as whether he will shop there.

It turns out that DISPLAY ADVERTISING can have a positive impact on the assessment of the object by consumers. According to the results of Millward Brown 2016 research. as many as 90% of respondents felt good and were satisfied with the visit to shopping centers where DISPLAY ADVERTISING was present.

When implementing DISPLAY ADVERTISING solutions, it is worth to trust IMS Professionals who will help in the selection of the most appropriate media, selection of a tailor-made advertising campaign, as well as in the preparation of advertising content and attractive neutral content.

The scent of lavender relaxes and can reduce anxiety

Scientific research published in “Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience” prove that the smell of lavender can have a very positive effect on human health and psyche. The aroma of this green bush with purple flowers relaxes and reduces anxiety. As we read in the article, the linalool contained in lavender is responsible for these positive effects.

Everyone can use the soothing properties of lavender, because this herb can be successfully grown in a pot on the windowsill or in the home garden.

At IMS, we are constantly expanding our knowledge about the properties of various fragrance notes to provide you with the best SENSORY MARKETING solutions.


Lawenda, IMS

How effective is DISPLAY ADVERTISING by IMS?

DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an extremely effective way of reaching a specific group of recipients in galleries and shopping centers. At IMS, we offer two forms of broadcasting advertising messages in such facilities – via IN STORE RADIO and VIDEO ADVERTISING.

Is DISPLAY ADVERTISING effective? As the results of Millward Brown research from 2016 show, 51% of customers remember at least one IMS VIDEO ADVERTISING broadcast in a shopping mall, and 24% of Consumers declare that they are buying a product under the influence of information heard from speakers or seen on screens.

At IMS, as part of DISPLAY ADVERTISING, we offer our Partners the opportunity to reach over 260 million customers per month, in over 2,100 locations, on over 800 screens in Poland.

In addition to broadcasting a campaign tailored to the advertising needs of our Partners, we also offer you the preparation of attractive advertising spots by IMS Specialists.