Display Advertising – how many customers have visited the store advertised with in-store media?

DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an effective tool to make customers watch or hear advertisements in commercial facilities. Ads in shopping centers are emitted from audio devices and also displayed on various media belonging to the devices of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system, such as monitors, advertising screens, multimedia totems or large-format LED screens. These devices can be very effective due to their size (like a 42-meter LED screen placed by IMS Specialists on the side of the elevator in the Blue City Shopping Center in Warsaw), shape, and materials used for their housing. All this affects the fact that such media are more interesting for customers and more eye-catching.

Is DISPLAY ADVERTISING effective? As research shows, advertising in shopping centers is an extremely important promotional and communication channel with clients. According to the 2016 Millward Brown report, 15% of customers visit the store after watching an in-store advertisement.

At IMS, experts in the field of DISPLAY ADVERTISING will help you choose and implement both the latest DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions as well as a tailor-made advertising campaign displayed in various commercial facilities throughout Poland.


What does the digital signage system consist of?

DIGITAL SIGNAGE is a modern and complex system for displaying attractive content in facilities and commercial outlets. As part of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system from IMS, we offer our partners both the guarantee and implementation of full technical facilities as well as many interesting devices, such as:


These devices are the flagship and most visible part of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system, which also includes:

1. The DIGITAL SIGNAGE content management system – which in a planned manner and adapted to the time of day, sends the content to be displayed on the monitors.

2. DIGITAL SIGNAGE device management system – enables remote control of devices, thanks to which it allows for an appropriate response in the event of risk of damage.

3. The DIGITAL SIGNAGE content creation system – allows, among others to create a composition displayed on multiple monitors, design content and distribute it on the screen surface.

4. DIGITAL SIGNAGE analysis and reporting system – allows creating reports from the presented content and counting interactions.

At IMS, experts with vast knowledge and experience in their work will gladly support you in choosing the most appropriate DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions for your company, as well as in their implementation and subsequent management. In addition to traditional DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions, IMS specialists have implemented many non-standard solutions, such as installations LARGE FORMAT LED SCREENS. We have placed such a 42 m2 device on the side of an elevator at the Blue City Shopping Center in Warsaw.


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IMS implements in-store music and scent marketing in Voegele Shoes stores in Switzerland

We are pleased to inform that IMS specialists are implementing IN-STORE MUSIC and SCENT MARKETING in the VOEGELE SHOES chain stores in Switzerland. The implementation of these services aims to create a memorable VOEGELE SHOES sensory logo and builds a pleasant atmosphere at sales points.

SCENT MARKETING – alco called SCENT BRANDING is a service in which IMS experts chose fragrance notes that reflect the character of the VOEGELE SHOES brand. The SCENT MARKETING used in the salons of this brand is also designed to positively stimulate the senses of customers, make their stay in stores more enjoyable and extend its time.
IN-STORE MUSIC (also called RETAIL MUSIC) is a service where IMS specialists with extensive knowledge and experience have created a playlist dedicated to the VOEGELE SHOES brand, which will correspond with the brand’s character.

VOEGELE SHOES is a footwear brand that joined the portfolio of the thriving CCC Group in 2018. CCC is one of the largest footwear companies in Central Europe. Through its subsidiary eObuwie.pl (on the Swiss market eschuhe.ch), the CCC Group is also the leader of the e-commerce footwear market in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently operates in 29 countries and has over 1,200 stores. Apart from Poland, it sells shoes, including in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Lithuania, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and the Middle East (e.g. Dubai).


The scent marketing from IMS has been implemented in the Karolinka Shopping Center

KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER in Opole has chosen SCENT MARKETING from IMS, which creates a unique fragrance setting in it. IMS specialists in cooperation with the Management of the Center chose for this unique place notes: gardenia, jasmine, citrus, vanilla and musk that fill the shopping arcade, as well as the entrance to the gallery. SCENT BRANDING in this facility is a continuation of successful cooperation between IMS and the KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER.

Centrum Handlowe Karolinka, Retail Journal, Retail
SCENT AMRKETING from IMS consists in choosing unique fragrance notes that match the character of the place and the brand, as well as the taste of its customers. In addition, SCENT BRANDING is designed to build a nice and pleasant atmosphere at a given point or facility, making the time spent there pleasant. KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER is a special point on the map of Opole – it is the largest shopping and service complex, as well as a meeting place for family and friends. A modern building and a wide range of stores – from groceries, interior furnishings to modern boutiques, makes KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER a place full of life, full of energy and potential.
Centrum Handlowe Karolinka, Retail Journal, Retail
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Display advertising – how many customers remembered at least one digital audio advertising?

DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an important communication channel for modern commercial facilities. DIGITAL AUDIO ADVERTISING allows the emission of the interesting promotional spots and also builds a positive atmosphere in shopping centers and galleries as well as a nice consumer experience.

As research shows, DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an important and effective communication channel. As many as 43% of customers admit that they remember at least one audio advertisement (DIGITAL AUDIO ADVERTISING) broadcast at the shopping center. *

In order for DISPLAY ADVERTISING to be effective, it is important to implement high-quality equipment in the facility and to prepare attractive promotional materials. At IMS Capital Group, experts and specialists with many years of experience and knowledge in their work, will help you choose and implement the most suitable solutions. We also offer you the preparation of attractive advertising spots.

Source: Millward Brown, 2016.

The IMS Capital Group has implemented in-store music and digital signage solutions at Skechers

SportsDelite Sp. z o.o., the exclusive franchise partner of the American brand SKECHERS in Poland, chose IN-STORE MUSIC AUDIOMARKETING and DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions from the IMS CAPITAL GROUP. IN-STORE MUSIC (RETAIL MUSIC) that matches the character of the brand and its business goals, will play in two SKECHERS stores – in showrooms located in: Janki Center and Atrium Targowek. In addition, specialists from the IMS CAPITAL GROUP installed sound systems and DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions in SKECHERS stores – DIGITAL SIGNAGE MONITORS enabling the use of modern promotion opportunities and building a positive atmosphere at the point of sale offered by VIDEO MARKETING.

IN-STORE MUSIC provided by IMS Specialists is a guarantee of uniqueness – for each brand, our experts create a special playlist perfectly matching the character of the brand and its showrooms. Research shows that this setting is extremely important, because as many as 90% of customers choose the object where the music plays (Business Background Music Elevates Customer Experiences – July 28, 2017). DIGITAL SIGNAGE ADVERTISING MONITORS also build the unique atmosphere of the place of sale. They allow to display attractive content, including promotional materials. The use of the latest DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions is important because 8 in 10 customers will recommend the store if their visual, sound and fragrance will please them (according to the Walnut Unlimited survey, Elevating The Customer Experience, The Impact of Sensory Marketing, 2019).

SKECHERS is a cult American brand of sports, evening and casual shoes that are available in over 100 countries around the world. The brand is known primarily for its technological solutions, including special inserts, thanks to which its footwear is characterized by extraordinary lightness and comfort. These locations are the beginning of the construction of the SKECHERS sales network by Sports Delite in Poland.

Skechers, IMS

Why is it worth to trust Professionals when implementing Digital Signage solutions?

To enjoy DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions at the highest level at a reasonable price, it is worth implementing this service to trust the IMS Experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in their work. Why is this so important? Wrong selection of devices often caused by the implementation of services on their own or the desire to implement the DIGITAL SIGNAGE service very cheaply, often results in later high operating costs and problems with the equipment.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – incorrect selection of equipment

– It is definitely a bad move to use monitors, screens or televisions for home use in commercial outlets instead of industrial monitors – says Łukasz Grudziąż, Technical Manager of the IMS Capital Group. – Consumer TVs are adapted by the producers to the use at home and to work several hours a day, while the professional devices used in the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system are adapted to work 24/7.

Wayfinder wdrożony przez IMS w C.H. Janki
Wayfinder in the Janki Shopping Center

This way of implementation of DIGITAL SIGNAGE devices allows to emission of attractive content offered by VIDEO MARKETING.

The installation of home televisions instead of professional DIGITAL SIGNAGE devices often results in fast exploitation, which requires the replacement of new ones. This increases the costs of the replacement, as well as the costs of service. It is worth noting that warranty services do not repair such TVs under the warranty, due to the use of the device contrary to its intended purpose. Each TV is equipped with a counter of hours worked and this parameter is first verified by the service. In addition, these devices are equipped with DVB-T tuners, which imposes on the owner in Poland an additional obligation to pay fees associated with the Radio and Television Subscription.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – costs of electricity

When implementing DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions enabling full use of the possibilities offered by VIDEO MARKETING, it is also worth paying attention to the cost of electricity. The wrong selection of DIGITAL SIGNAGE devices or the operation of technologically outdated monitors negatively affect the increase in energy consumption, exposing companies to higher costs.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – comprehensive service

– It is also worth paying attention to the comprehensiveness of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE service and the costs associated with its lack – emphasizes Grudziąż. – Some companies are limited only to selling hardware and software with a manufacturer’s warranty. In case of a system component failure, the customer is left alone with the problem and must contact the guarantor on his own and go through the warranty procedure, often without a replacement device. He does not receive any after-sales support from the partner or it is paid extra.

When implementing DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions, it’s definitely worth focusing on a proven and reliable company, which is IMS. Our experts will help you implement the most suitable solutions at an attractive price, using the highest quality equipment. Also at a later time, you can count on our service support, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to entrust to us the management of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system in your facilities. In addition, at IMS we offer you the preparation of attractive materials: ADVERTISING CONTACT and NEUTRAL CONTENT.

How do customers rate shopping malls using display advertising?

The DISPLAY ADVERTISING system is an inseparable element of modern commercial facilities. It includes, among others ADVERTISING MONITORS, on which promotional content is displayed, as well as ADVERTISING IN STORE RADIO, through which spots are broadcast. All this affects in the building the pleasant atmosphere in the store, which is extremely important because it is directly related to the behavior of customers.

The atmosphere of the object can affect how the customer will perceive the place and how he will feel in it. In addition, it may be related to how long the consumer will spend in a given place, whether he will come back to this place and recommend the object to friends, as well as whether he will shop there.

It turns out that DISPLAY ADVERTISING can have a positive impact on the assessment of the object by consumers. According to the results of Millward Brown 2016 research. as many as 90% of respondents felt good and were satisfied with the visit to shopping centers where DISPLAY ADVERTISING was present.

When implementing DISPLAY ADVERTISING solutions, it is worth to trust IMS Professionals who will help in the selection of the most appropriate media, selection of a tailor-made advertising campaign, as well as in the preparation of advertising content and attractive neutral content.

The scent of lavender relaxes and can reduce anxiety

Scientific research published in “Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience” prove that the smell of lavender can have a very positive effect on human health and psyche. The aroma of this green bush with purple flowers relaxes and reduces anxiety. As we read in the article, the linalool contained in lavender is responsible for these positive effects.

Everyone can use the soothing properties of lavender, because this herb can be successfully grown in a pot on the windowsill or in the home garden.

At IMS, we are constantly expanding our knowledge about the properties of various fragrance notes to provide you with the best SENSORY MARKETING solutions.

Source: neurosciencenews.com

Lawenda, IMS

How effective is DISPLAY ADVERTISING by IMS?

DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an extremely effective way of reaching a specific group of recipients in galleries and shopping centers. At IMS, we offer two forms of broadcasting advertising messages in such facilities – via IN STORE RADIO and VIDEO ADVERTISING.

Is DISPLAY ADVERTISING effective? As the results of Millward Brown research from 2016 show, 51% of customers remember at least one IMS VIDEO ADVERTISING broadcast in a shopping mall, and 24% of Consumers declare that they are buying a product under the influence of information heard from speakers or seen on screens.

At IMS, as part of DISPLAY ADVERTISING, we offer our Partners the opportunity to reach over 260 million customers per month, in over 2,100 locations, on over 800 screens in Poland.

In addition to broadcasting a campaign tailored to the advertising needs of our Partners, we also offer you the preparation of attractive advertising spots by IMS Specialists.