Why is it worth to trust Professionals when implementing Digital Signage solutions?

To enjoy DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions at the highest level at a reasonable price, it is worth implementing this service to trust the IMS Experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in their work. Why is this so important? Wrong selection of devices often caused by the implementation of services on their own or the desire to implement the DIGITAL SIGNAGE service very cheaply, often results in later high operating costs and problems with the equipment.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – incorrect selection of equipment

– It is definitely a bad move to use monitors, screens or televisions for home use in commercial outlets instead of industrial monitors – says Łukasz Grudziąż, Technical Manager of the IMS Capital Group. – Consumer TVs are adapted by the producers to the use at home and to work several hours a day, while the professional devices used in the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system are adapted to work 24/7.

Wayfinder wdrożony przez IMS w C.H. Janki
Wayfinder in the Janki Shopping Center

This way of implementation of DIGITAL SIGNAGE devices allows to emission of attractive content offered by VIDEO MARKETING.

The installation of home televisions instead of professional DIGITAL SIGNAGE devices often results in fast exploitation, which requires the replacement of new ones. This increases the costs of the replacement, as well as the costs of service. It is worth noting that warranty services do not repair such TVs under the warranty, due to the use of the device contrary to its intended purpose. Each TV is equipped with a counter of hours worked and this parameter is first verified by the service. In addition, these devices are equipped with DVB-T tuners, which imposes on the owner in Poland an additional obligation to pay fees associated with the Radio and Television Subscription.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – costs of electricity

When implementing DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions enabling full use of the possibilities offered by VIDEO MARKETING, it is also worth paying attention to the cost of electricity. The wrong selection of DIGITAL SIGNAGE devices or the operation of technologically outdated monitors negatively affect the increase in energy consumption, exposing companies to higher costs.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – comprehensive service

– It is also worth paying attention to the comprehensiveness of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE service and the costs associated with its lack – emphasizes Grudziąż. – Some companies are limited only to selling hardware and software with a manufacturer’s warranty. In case of a system component failure, the customer is left alone with the problem and must contact the guarantor on his own and go through the warranty procedure, often without a replacement device. He does not receive any after-sales support from the partner or it is paid extra.

When implementing DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions, it’s definitely worth focusing on a proven and reliable company, which is IMS. Our experts will help you implement the most suitable solutions at an attractive price, using the highest quality equipment. Also at a later time, you can count on our service support, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to entrust to us the management of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system in your facilities. In addition, at IMS we offer you the preparation of attractive materials: ADVERTISING CONTACT and NEUTRAL CONTENT.

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