New implementations of the IMS S.A.Capital Group

In September this year, the IMS Capital Group acquired 239 new subscription locations – our new Partners chose SENSORY MARKETING and services such as: SCENT MARKETING, IN-STORE MUSIC and DIGITAL SIGNAGE.

– The last 2 months – August and September – have proved very fruitful for our company. In total, during this period of time, we have signed contracts with clients at 532 locations. We are pleased that they are large brands with a strong position on the Polish market. In the month of September, IN-STORE MUSIC and SCENT MARKETING was successfully implemented by IMS S.A., among others, in such networks as: PEPCO, JYSK, Black Red White, Eurofirany, Recman and TATUUM – says the President of the Management Board of IMS S.A., Michał Kornacki.

On the other hand, services in the field of DIGITAL SIGNAGE, such as Giftomats, Advertising Totems, Wayfinders – touch maps, large-format LED screens or management of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system, found their recipients, among others in the Shopping Galleries: Libero Katowice, Gemini Tychy and Tarnów, Posnania Poznań, Sarni Stok Bielsko-Biała and others.

What is the impact of music on health?

It turns out that music not only soothes manners or builds a nice atmosphere, but can also have a positive effect on our health. According to Dr. Anthony Komaroff of Harvard Medical School, research clearly indicates that listening to some songs slows your heart rate or lowers your blood pressure. It is also an excellent weapon to fight stress – due to its impact on reducing the level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. In addition, music can also help in recovery, because it has a positive effect in improving memory and even coordination among people after stroke.*

Extraordinary properties are particularly attributed to the works of Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert, and even to some Beatles songs.

That is why IMS S.A. specialists knowing the influence of music on improving the mood or creating the desired atmosphere, they have been deepening this knowledge and developing the fields of SENSORY MARKETING for years.

* Source:

New advertising totem from IMS S.A. in Libero Katowice

In LIBERO KATOWICE we installed a two-sided ADVERTISING TOTEM for advertising and self-promotional purposes of the Gallery. The housing is made of white corian, on a steel structure. TOTEM on both sides is equipped with 65 ” monitors, secured with tempered glass. The multimedia server installed in the device, together with the proprietary TCadvert software used for DIGITAL SIGNAGE content management, was produced by a company from the IMS S.A.Capital Group. TOTEM has a ventilation system that discharges heat to ensure optimal monitor operating temperature.

ADVERTISING TOTEMS are one of the elements of the wide offer of DIGITAL SIGNAGE IMS S.A. In addition to the implementation of this type of device, we also offer the production of attractive content, both neutral and commercial, which is displayed on them.

totem reklamowy, libero katowice, ims s.a.

The Gemini Park Tychy and Tarnow includes Giftomats

GIFTOMAT is an very easy to use and modern device used for purchase of Gallery gift cards. At GEMINI PARK TYCHY and GEMINI PARK TARNÓW, our company installed and implemented two devices of this type, one in each of the facilities.

GIFTOMATS that appeared in GEMINI PARKS are equipped with: 22 ”touch monitor, computer, scanner, card dispenser and payment terminal. The housing is made of white conglomerate on a steel structure.

GIFTOMATS from IMS S.A. is the perfect solution for Galleries and Shopping Parks that want to increase customers’ attachment to their brand and make shopping easier for clients. These devices are self-service and are used for issuing prepaid cards of the Gift Card Program. Those Gift Cards has the Gallery logo and allow payment in shops on the premises of a Trade Facility.

The biggest advantages of GIFTOMATS include:

  • Simple, quick and convenient card purchase procedure.
  • Large (500 pcs) card stock in the device – easy service for the technical service of the Gallery.
  • Card issue and transaction purchase burden confirmed by appropriate printouts.
  • You can pay for the card with both contact (chip), contactless, debit and credit cards.
  • Transaction value = value of funds on the card (no commission charged).
Giftomat, IMS S.A., Gemini Park Tarnów, Gemini Park Tychy

How does SCENT MARKETING affect how much we spend on shopping?

There are many positive aspects of SENSORY MARKETING usage in a commercial facility. These include, among others: building a pleasant atmosphere, strengthening the Customer’s attachment to the brand, more frequent returns of the Consumer to the point of sale and extending the time of stay in it, creating a sensory logo of the brand or a number of positive associations with a company. As it turns out, the use of SCENT MARKETING, which is one of the services in the field of SENSORY MARKETING, can also be reflected in the amount that the Customer spends on shopping.

As the results of the study carried out by Scent Air, show that 59% of consumers would spend more money in a place that was pleasantly scented. It is worth noting that the benefits of using a sophisticated, dedicated fragrance in a shopping facility are reciprocal – both Customers and business owners benefit. The Clients are shopping in a pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by a beautiful, stimulating senses. On the other hand, business owners can note an increase in sales thanks to this solution. Therefore, it is worth considering using SCENT MARKETING in your business. It is the very important element of every modern point of sale.

ESPI 48/2019 Information regarding own shares acquired in the period from 14.10.2019 to 18.10.2019

Detailed list of transactions 14.10.2019 – 18.10.2019 – download

The Board of Directors of IMS Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company”) informs that in the period from 14.10.2019 to 18.10.2019 the Company acquired, through OPERA Dom Maklerski Sp. z o.o., 7,739 (seven thousand seven hundred thirty nine) own shares at the average unit price of PLN 3.63. The total acquisition price, including the cost of acquisition, amounted to PLN 28,197.22. The shares were acquired under Tranche 8 of the Company Own Shares Buy-back Program.

In line with information submitted by OPERA Dom Maklerski Sp. z o.o.:

  • on 14.10.2019, 589 IMS S.A. shares were acquired constituting 0.0018% share in the share capital of the Company and 0.0018% votes in the General Shareholder Meeting. The average unit acquisition price was PLN 3.64;
  • on 15.10.2019, 1,800 IMS S.A. shares were acquired constituting 0.0056% share in the share capital of the Company and 0.0056% votes in the General Shareholder Meeting. The average unit acquisition price was PLN 3.64;
  • on 16.10.2019, 1,850 IMS S.A. shares were acquired constituting 0.0057% share in the share capital of the Company and 0.0057% votes in the General Shareholder Meeting. The average unit acquisition price was PLN 3.63;
  • on 17.10.2019, 1,900 IMS S.A. shares were acquired constituting 0.0059% share in the share capital of the Company and 0.0059% votes in the General Shareholder Meeting. The average unit acquisition price was PLN 3.64;
  • on 18.10.2019, 1,600 IMS S.A. shares were acquired constituting 0.0049% share in the share capital of the Company and 0.0049% votes in the General Shareholder Meeting. The average unit acquisition price was PLN 3.63.

The detailed list of transactions conducted in the period from 14.10.2019 to 18.10.2019 is included in the attachment to this report.

The nominal value of one share is PLN 0.02, and the total nominal value of shares acquired on the dates mentioned above was PLN 154.78. The acquired block of shares constitutes 0.0239% of the Company’s share capital and gives 7,739 votes constituting 0.0239% votes in the General Shareholder Meeting of the Company.

At present the Company holds in total 214,375 own shares, constituting 0.66% of the Company’s share capital and giving 214,375 votes constituting 0.66% of votes in the General Shareholder Meeting of the Company.


Detailed legal basis: Article 2 paragraph 2 and 3 of the COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2016/1052

JYSK stores have chosen IN-STORE MUSIC from IMS S.A.

We are pleased to inform you that the unique playlist which is part of the IN-STORE MUSIC created by our Specialists is already playing in 223 JYSK stores. The representatives of IMS S.A., in addition to preparing a unique musical setting, also provided a comprehensive sound installation service in the facilities of this network. Our specialists also program spots broadcast in JYSK stores, in which current product offers of this brand are communicated.

When creating the music for JYSK stores, we took into account the taste of the Customers of this brand and its current business strategy. Due to the high quality of our services, Representatives of the JYSK company decided to continue cooperation with our Company for the next years.

IN-STORE MUSIC implemented by IMS S.A. is one of the services offered by us in the field of SENSORY MARKETING. It is about creating a unique, tailor-made musical setting that matches the character of a brand and corresponds to its business goals.

JYSK is an international retail chain that sells “everything for the home”. It is owned by the founder, Lars Larsen, who is known throughout Denmark as the best seller with a “unique offer”. JYSK has existed in Poland since 2000. Over 11.5 million Poles make purchases every year in the stores of this brand.

Source: JYSK

Can SCENT MARKETING affect meal satisfaction?

It turns out that SCENT MARKETING not only builds a nice atmosphere, extends the duration of customers’ stay in a shopping center or increases sales, but also increases food satisfaction. As the research commissioned by Scent Air shows, a scented luminaire used in a restaurant space can increase meal satisfaction by as much as 8%.

SCENT MARKETING is a service of professional USES OF SCENT compositions, aimed at emphasizing the character of the brand. Its implementation takes into account, among others conditions in the shopping center. Restaurants are unique in this respect, because they are filled with the smells of meals. However, even in such demanding conditions it is worth using the SENSORY MARKETING solutions.

IMS S.A. specialists they choose scent notes so that they perfectly correspond with the brand, positively affect emotions, but also retain their unique character, even in the company of the aromas characteristic of a given space.

Gino Rossi chose SCENT MARKETING from IMS

A sophisticated woody-spicy fragrance composition with citrus, cinnamon and vanilla sweetness will create a unique, sensory setting (SCENT MARKETING) in GINO ROSSI stores. We have implemented a tailor-made SCENT MARKETING service in 62 shoe stores of this prestigious brand. Carefully selected fragrance emphasizes the character and prestige of the GINO ROSSI brand, thanks to which it perfectly fits into its strategy.

It is worth noting that this is another area of long-term cooperation between IMS S.A. and the CCC company, which owns the GINO ROSSI brand. Since 2006, we have been a regular supplier of SENSORY MARKETING services for this company.

The SCENT MARKETING service that we offer is designed to create a sensory logo of the company, by positively stimulating the senses and emotions of customers. The effect is, among others, greater consumer attachment to the brand and a nice and more pleasant atmosphere at the point of sale.

GINO ROSSI is a brand under which unique footwear and accessories according to the Italian stylistic school are designed and manufactured. GINO ROSSI is synonymous with elegance, style and fashionable design. This brand has earned such an opinion with excellent knowledge of the latest fashion trends and a creative look at the classics. Today it is one of the most valued Polish brands in the segment of production and sale of footwear and accessories of the best quality.

Źródło: Gino Rossi

Tatuum stores with IN-STORE MUSIC from IMS S.A.

IN-STORE MUSIC service from IMS S.A. has been implemented in 61 TATUUM stores across Poland. The Individual Music Format was developed by ours music Specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in their work. The playlist takes into account the current strategy and prestige of the TATUUM brand, the unique nature of its stores, as well as the musical preferences of customers. The IN-STORE MUSIC service aims to create an even more pleasant atmosphere, build a sensory logo and encourage Customers to return more often.

TATUUM is another important and unique brand that has joined the group of IMS S.A. clients using the IN-STORE MUSIC service. This service consists in using dedicated playlists that corresponds perfectly with the character of the company and the taste of customers.

TATUUM is a Polish brand that has been creating clothes and accessories collections for women and men who value beautiful, high quality, natural and comfortable things, for over 20 years. It has showrooms throughout Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Źródło: Tatuum
Source: Tatuum