Since 2013, we have been a provider of technologically-advanced playlists, dedicated specifically to the Orsay network. The Orsay brand has over 600 stores with women’s fashion in 26 countries across Europe. The audio marketing service has been introduced in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia. The music emitted by the IMS system reflects the individual musical taste of Orsay customers and earns their great approval.

The songs are tailored not only to the customer profile, but also to the time of day and year, to specific holidays, and to the current promotional and image campaigns of the brand. Audio marketing changes with the development of the company’s strategy and image. It builds a unique sales atmosphere to make the customers’ stay in the chain of shops more pleasant. The unique emotions awakening during such purchases make the customers want to come back and stay in the store for as long as possible. Thanks to the voice messages, customers receive information about interesting promotions, which results in increased sales.


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