ESPI 50/2019 Issuer’s plans for international development

ESPI 50/2019 Plany rozwoju międzynarodowego Emitenta – pobierz

The Board of Directors of IMS S.A. (“Company”, “Issuer”) informs that today it made the decision to start the search for a strategic investor to implement Company’s development plans relating to its international expansion. The Issuer identified several interesting acquisition targets operating in the Issuer’s industry, which have their registered offices mostly in Europe. In the opinion of the Board of Directors extending the Capital Group with several profitable foreign entities generating revenue of about PLN 15-100 million is possible only with the support of a strong, objective-driven partner. This objective is to increase significantly the revenue and profits of the IMS Capital Group and, consequently, to increase the Company’s share value. The Issuer is considering attracting a financial or professional investor, forming a strategic alliance or conducting another transaction of a similar nature. For the above reasons, the Issuer is planning to conduct talks with prospective investors and partners; also, after concluding appropriate confidentiality agreements, it may disclose to the interested parties information on affairs, assets and operations of the Company and the IMS Capital Group.

In the nearest future the Board of Directors of the Issuer is planning to conclude an agreement with a global consulting company which will support the Issuer in conducting the above mentioned activities.

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