Display Advertising – how many customers have visited the store advertised with in-store media?

DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an effective tool to make customers watch or hear advertisements in commercial facilities. Ads in shopping centers are emitted from audio devices and also displayed on various media belonging to the devices of the DIGITAL SIGNAGE system, such as monitors, advertising screens, multimedia totems or large-format LED screens. These devices can be very effective due to their size (like a 42-meter LED screen placed by IMS Specialists on the side of the elevator in the Blue City Shopping Center in Warsaw), shape, and materials used for their housing. All this affects the fact that such media are more interesting for customers and more eye-catching.

Is DISPLAY ADVERTISING effective? As research shows, advertising in shopping centers is an extremely important promotional and communication channel with clients. According to the 2016 Millward Brown report, 15% of customers visit the store after watching an in-store advertisement.

At IMS, experts in the field of DISPLAY ADVERTISING will help you choose and implement both the latest DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions as well as a tailor-made advertising campaign displayed in various commercial facilities throughout Poland.


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