Croissant Cafe has chosen scent marketing from the IMS Capital Group

SCENT MARKETING from the IMS Capital Group was implemented in another unique point – the CROISSANT CAFE in Warsaw. SCENT BRANDING is designed to build a warm and unforgettable atmosphere in this place. IMS experts together with the owners of the cafe, selected the scent setting so that it corresponds perfectly with the character of CROISSANT CAFE, the taste of customers and the business objectives of this point.

SCENT MARKETING consists in the selection of fragrance compositions so that they effectively support the implementation of the company’s sales and image assumptions. SCENT BRANDING is an extremely effective tool of modern marketing, because it affects one of the most primal senses – the sense of smell, which in turn strongly affects our feelings and emotions. Research shows that the sense of smell causes up to 75% of emotions (Business Background Music Elevates Customer Experiences, July 2017).

CROISSANT CAFE is a cozy cafe in Warsaw in French style, with aromatic coffee, croissants, baguettes and fabulous sweets.

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