Scent marketing from IMS created the sensory setting of the Warsaw Home trade fair

SCENT MARKETING from IMS has built the sensory setting of the WARSAW HOME interior design trade fair. The fair was divided into four zones devoted to a different assortment, which is why a separate SCENT MARKETING was implemented in each of them, using different aromas. IMS specialists have also implemented SENSORY MARKETING at the after party of the WARSAW HOME fair.

SCENT MARKETING is a unique service of modern marketing, which is SENSORY MARKETING, strongly affecting emotions and creating a unique setting for points and commercial facilities as well as various events. At IMS, we have a portfolio of over 1,600 fragrances, and our experts always adapt aromas to the character of the brand and its business goals.

WARSAW HOME is a business interior design trade show that attracts tens of thousands of good design enthusiasts every year. Manufacturers from Poland and abroad exhibit here for four days, and their number increases from edition to edition. This is one of the largest events of this type in Central and Eastern Europe.

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