Leszno Shopping Center has chosen gift cards machine from the IMS Capital Group

LESZNO SHOPPING CENTER has chosen GIFT CARDS MACHINE implemented by Specialists of the IMS Capital Group. GIFT CARDS MACHINE enables Gallery customers to purchase prepaid cards themselves, which makes shopping easier and building consumers’ attachment to a given object.

GIFT CARDS MACHINE has many advantages, which include:

  • A convenient, fast and simple procedure for buying a card.
  • Transaction value = value of funds on the card (no commission charged to the User).
  • A large (500 pcs) stock of cards in the device – thanks to which GIFT CARDS MACHINE service is easy for the technical service of the shopping center.
  • The card issue and the transaction charge of its purchase is confirmed by appropriate printouts.
  • You can pay for the card with both contact (chip), contactless, debit and credit cards.
  • The card is active as soon as it is obtained from the device.

GIFT CARDS MACHINE implemented in the LESZNO SHOPPING CENTER is equipped with a 22 “touch monitor, computer, scanner, card dispenser and payment terminal. The housing is made of white conglomerate on a steel structure.

LESZNO SHOPPING CENTER is a modern commercial and service facility located in the southern part of the city by the S5 Wroclaw-Poznan national road. LESZNO SHOPPING CENTER is an example of a multi-functional center combining shops, restaurants, service outlets and entertainment. The commercial offer of LESZNO SHOPPING CENTER includes over 100 premises.


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