The IMS Capital Group has implemented scent marketing in the Sariee wedding dresses salon

Specialists of the IMS Capital Group Company implemented SCENT MARKETING in the SARIEE wedding dresses salon in Lublin. SCENT BRANDING in the form of a sophisticated aroma, create at this point an even nicer atmosphere, thanks to which the choice of wedding dresses by future brides will be even more pleasant.

SCENT BRANDING allows you to build a brand’s sensory business card that is remembered by customers and makes them associate a given place with a specific fragrance. In addition, SCENT MARKETING is also an effective tool in achieving business goals. Research shows that 59% of customers spend more money in a place with nice smell (source: Scent Air).

SARIEE is a unique salon for wedding dresses in Lublin, where every bride can find her dream dress.

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