The IMS Capital Group implements in-store music at WATIS petrol stations

WATIS petrol stations have chosen IN-STORE MUSIC from IMS Capital Group. IMS specialists implemented in them a dedicated sound setting. SENSORY MARKETING in the form of a selected list of songs play important role in making the customers of WATIS points feel even more comfortable in them.

IN-STORE MUSIC is a service consisting of chosing the musical background to points or commercial facilities, that suits the character of the place and the taste of its customers. In addition, IN-STORE MUSIC is to create an appropriate atmosphere for shopping and extending the duration of consumers’ stay. A dedicated playlist is prepared by IMS music experts, who, apart from having musical education, are mostly active musicians themselves.

WATIS is a network of petrol stations that has been on the market since 1995. It is run by a team of qualified managers with a competent team. WATIS has a strong, stable position and a recognizable brand among non-affiliated stations. In addition to fuels and LPG, it also offers food products, coffee, hot dogs, oils and car accessories.

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