Peugeot Nordynski has chosen sensory marketing from the IMS Capital Group

The experts of the IMS Capital Group implemented SENSORY MARKETING (IN-STORE MUSIC, as well as SCENT MARKETING) in the Peugeot salon in Łódź – PEUGEOT NORDYNSKI.

The sensory frame is very important when choosing your dream car. Nice, relaxing music (IN-STORE MUSIC) and pleasant aromas (SCENT MARKETING) create a relaxing atmosphere in which it is much easier to make the important decision, which is buying a new car. In addition, SENSORY MARKETING is designed to build a sensory PEUGEOT NORDYNSKI brand logo, as well as create the right, sophisticated background for the cars presented in this showroom.

SCENT MARKETING is a service that, when properly implemented, helps to achieve both the image and business goals of the company. Properly selected fragrance compositions enclosed in special oils are sprayed with the help of specialized equipment in various zones of a given point or object.

SCENT MARKETING should always be implemented by experts with wide knowledge and experience, such as specialists working at IMS. 83% of consumers confirm that they will come out of points with a badly selected or too intrusive smell and will avoid them (Elevating the Customer Experience / Walnut Unlimited – 2019). For this reason, knowledge of fragrances as well as experience in skillful regulation of their intensity is necessary.

IN-STORE MUSIC is a service in which IMS Experts prepare a playlist dedicated to a given brand, consisting of songs tailored to the given company, the taste of its clients, and business assumptions.

PEUGEOT NORDYNSKI is a Peugeot car dealer selling in Łódź, who sells: new cars, delivery vans, used cars, and runs mechanical and accident repair services.

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