The IMS Capital Group has implemented gift cards machine at Siedlce Shopping Center

SIEDLCE SHOPPING CENTER has implemented GIFT CARDS MACHINE from the IMS Capital Group, allowing customers to buy a perfect gift – a prepaid gift card. GIFT CARDS MACHINE is designed to make it easier for consumers to shop, and due to the fact that it allows payment in stores within a given facility, it also increases customers attachment to the Shopping Center.

GIFT CARDS MACHINE has the following advantages:

  • A convenient, fast and simple card purchase procedure.
  • Transaction value = value of funds on the card (no commission charged to the User).
  • A large (500 pcs) stock of cards in the device – thanks to which GIFT CARDS MACHINE service is easy for the technical service of the gallery.
  • The card issue and the transaction charge of its purchase are confirmed by relevant printouts.
  • You can pay for the card with a contact (chip), contactless, debit or credit card.
  • The card is active as soon as it is obtained from the device.

GIFT CARDS MACHINE implemented in the SIEDLCE SHOPPING CENTER is made of a white conglomerate on a steel structure. It is equipped with a 22” touch monitor, computer, scanner, card dispenser and payment terminal.

SIEDLCE SHOPPING CENTER is the first shopping mall in the region: over 140 stores, a rich gastronomic offer, a 5-screen cinema and a fitness club. An integral part of the complex is the historic building of the National Bank of Poland, designed by Marian Lalewicz. SIEDLCE SHOPPING CENTER is also a place of cultural and entertainment events, ideal for everyday relaxation and rest.

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