One of the leading owners and managers of shopping mall developers in Central and Eastern Europe — Atrium Poland Real Estate Management — has entrusted us with the service of scent marketing in eight shopping malls of the Atrium Group (Atrium Promenada, Atrium Targówek and Atrium Reduta in Warsaw, Galeria Dominikańska in Wrocław, Atrium Koszalin in Koszalin, Focus Mall in Bydgoszcz, Atrium Felicity in Lublin and Atrium Biała in Białystok). A wide range of fragrance blends and the latest technological solutions have been selected to hydrate shopping center spaces. From crossing the threshold of the Atrium Shopping Mall, a customer is greeted by refined fragrances based on white and green teas. In the passageways, the air is filled with fresh aromas, mainly based on fruity notes (grapefruits, mangoes, and figs). A properly selected fragrance builds a friendly atmosphere in which customers feel good and are more willing to spend time in a shopping mall. The function of leisure time space is strengthened, and a well-chosen fragrance composition is a factor that improves mood and evokes positive emotions in customers.


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