Morze Sushi has implemented in-store music from the IMS Capital Group

The MORZE SUSHI restaurant from Banino has chosen IN-STORE MUSIC from the IMS Capital Group. IMS music experts have created a unique playlist corresponding to the atmosphere of this modern place serving Japanese cuisine.

IN-STORE MUSIC is one of the services offered by IMS as part of modern marketing tools, which is SENSORY MARKETING. IN-STORE MUSIC helps to create the desired climate in a given place, and also facilitates achieving business goals. Research shows that 90% of customers choose a facility where music plays (Elevating the Customer Experience: The Impact of Sensory Marketing; Walnut Unlimited). IN-STORE MUSIC is also important because 75% of consumers spend more time at the point where music plays (Walnut Unlimited, Global Research Report January 2019).

MORZE SUSHI in Banino is a restaurant serving delicious sushi, created by enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine.

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