In October, IMS S.A. reached a record

October 2019 turned out to be a record month for the IMS S.A.Capital Group in terms of the number of new locations acquired.

It was definitely the best month this year – emphasizes Piotr Bielawski, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer IMS SA. – We have acquired a total of 475 net locations, including IN-STORE MUSIC and VIDEO MARKETING 313, and SCENT MARKETING 162. Thus, in the period from January to October this year we have already contracted nearly 2,000. location.

Our company is a market leader in the provision of SENSORY MARKETING services covering three main product groups: IN-STORE MUSIC – emission and preparation of personalized music formats; SCENT MARKETING – selection and emission of personalized scent notes; VIDEO MARKETING – visual communication on DIGITAL SIGNAGE media.

IMS, marketing sensoryczny

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