IMS implements in-store music and scent marketing in Voegele Shoes stores in Switzerland

We are pleased to inform that IMS specialists are implementing IN-STORE MUSIC and SCENT MARKETING in the VOEGELE SHOES chain stores in Switzerland. The implementation of these services aims to create a memorable VOEGELE SHOES sensory logo and builds a pleasant atmosphere at sales points.

SCENT MARKETING – alco called SCENT BRANDING is a service in which IMS experts chose fragrance notes that reflect the character of the VOEGELE SHOES brand. The SCENT MARKETING used in the salons of this brand is also designed to positively stimulate the senses of customers, make their stay in stores more enjoyable and extend its time.
IN-STORE MUSIC (also called RETAIL MUSIC) is a service where IMS specialists with extensive knowledge and experience have created a playlist dedicated to the VOEGELE SHOES brand, which will correspond with the brand’s character.

VOEGELE SHOES is a footwear brand that joined the portfolio of the thriving CCC Group in 2018. CCC is one of the largest footwear companies in Central Europe. Through its subsidiary (on the Swiss market, the CCC Group is also the leader of the e-commerce footwear market in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently operates in 29 countries and has over 1,200 stores. Apart from Poland, it sells shoes, including in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Lithuania, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and the Middle East (e.g. Dubai).


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