VIVO! Lublin, VIVO! Krosno i VIVO! Pila has implemented SCENT MARKETING from IMS


Galleries VIVO! Lublin, VIVO! Krosno and VIVO! Pila, belonging to the IMMOFINANZ company, has implemented SCENT MARKETING from IMS. It is a unique fragrance setting, ideally suited to various parts of these prestigious commercial facilities. This is an extension of the successful cooperation between IMS and IMMOFINANZ.

SCENT MARKETING in shopping malls helps to build a pleasant atmosphere, being an indispensable element of modern companies. As studies show, it can also extend the time of  staying in a commercial facility of 82% of consumers.*

Vivo! objects are another prestigious galleries to which we provide SENSORY MARKETING solutions. The number of IMS Partners is constantly growing. We provide our services in over 18,000 subscription locations.

IMMOFINANZ is a company from the commercial real estate sector, whose activity is focused on commercial and office buildings on eight major European markets, i.e. in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Moscow.

* Source: Scent Air


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