Gino Rossi chose SCENT MARKETING from IMS

A sophisticated woody-spicy fragrance composition with citrus, cinnamon and vanilla sweetness will create a unique, sensory setting (SCENT MARKETING) in GINO ROSSI stores. We have implemented a tailor-made SCENT MARKETING service in 62 shoe stores of this prestigious brand. Carefully selected fragrance emphasizes the character and prestige of the GINO ROSSI brand, thanks to which it perfectly fits into its strategy.

It is worth noting that this is another area of long-term cooperation between IMS S.A. and the CCC company, which owns the GINO ROSSI brand. Since 2006, we have been a regular supplier of SENSORY MARKETING services for this company.

The SCENT MARKETING service that we offer is designed to create a sensory logo of the company, by positively stimulating the senses and emotions of customers. The effect is, among others, greater consumer attachment to the brand and a nice and more pleasant atmosphere at the point of sale.

GINO ROSSI is a brand under which unique footwear and accessories according to the Italian stylistic school are designed and manufactured. GINO ROSSI is synonymous with elegance, style and fashionable design. This brand has earned such an opinion with excellent knowledge of the latest fashion trends and a creative look at the classics. Today it is one of the most valued Polish brands in the segment of production and sale of footwear and accessories of the best quality.

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