The IMS Capital Group has implemented scent marketing at the Joniec Stomatologia Center

The experts of the IMS Capital Group implemented SCENT MARKETING at the CENTER OF STOMATOLOGY JONIEC. The beautiful and pleasant fragrance is designed to positively affect the mood and emotions of patients and employees of the Center.

SCENT BRANDING is an extremely effective tool for affecting feelings – as studies show, a nice smell improves mood in 40% of cases (Source: Scent Air). SCENT MARKETING (or SCENT BRANDING) perfectly helps to build a positive, relaxing atmosphere, especially important for every patient.

CENTER OF STOMATOLOGY JONIEC was founded in 2005 in Zyrardow. The primary goal of the owners of dr Marcin and Emilia Joniec is to provide patients with comprehensive dental care in comfortable conditions and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

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