The IMS Capital Group has implemented gift card machine in Jurowiecka Shopping Center

The IMS Capital Group has implemented GIFT CARD MACHINE – a special device for the independent purchase of prepaid cards in the JUROWIECKA SHOPPING CENTER in Białystok. GIFT CARD MACHINE is a great tool to facilitate shopping and build customer loyalty.

Cards issued by GIFT CARD MACHINE have the following properties:

  • are a type of MasterCard prepaid electronic payment method,
  • thanks to the card blocking function for specific shopping and service outlets, it is guaranteed that the funds accumulated on the card are used only within a specific shopping center,
  • the cards are not personal, so they can be given to another person as a form of a gift or reward,
  • the card is active as soon as it is obtained from the device,
  • the card is for single use (no recharging possible),
  • its validity period is one year from the date of purchase.

GIFT CARD MACHINE implemented in the JUROWIECKA SHOPPING CENTER is equipped with a 22 “touch screen monitor, computer, scanner, card dispenser and payment terminal. The housing is made of white conglomerate on a steel structure.

JUROWIECKA SHOPPING CENTER is a modern urban space located in the center of Białystok. It is not only a shopping center, but thanks to the natural, green environment it is also a meeting and recreation place. JUROWIECKA SHOPPING CENTER is a place where rest, shopping and entertainment seamlessly connect with the life of Białystok, its residents and visiting guests.

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