We were part of the retail fair ReDI

At our booth we presented interesting solutions for the Retail industry, including those in the field of sensory marketing – like LED posters ideal for displaying on store windows and device issuing pre-paid cards.

The device mentioned above is used for the self-purchase of pre-paid cards – which can be branded with a shopping center logo. How does it work?

In a special, small device in which the customer will be able to buy a pre-paid card with the branded logo of the shopping center where it stands. HThe customers can use this card to pay in stores located in the retail center. This device is a kind of self-service kiosk.

The card has the following properties:

  • is a kind of MasterCard prepaid electronic payment form
  • thanks to the function of blocking the use of Cards for specific commercial and service outlets, it is guaranteed that funds accumulated on the card are used only within a specific shopping center
  • cards are not personal, so they can be passed on to the other person as a form of gift or prize
  • it is a safe and convenient form of payment, which customers can fund with any amount in the range from PLN 50 to PLN 1000
  • the card is active as soon as it is obtained from the device!
  • the card is disposable (no possibility of topping up)
  • its validity period is one year from the date of purchase

ReDI retail fair is visited by more than 1,600 decision-makers from the shopping center industry, 400 representatives of retail chains. There are also 50 exhibitors from Poland and abroad.

This year’s 5th edition was held on June 6-7 at the Praga Koneser Center.

ReDI is organized by the Polish Council of Shopping Centers.

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