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IMS Sensory provides high quality services in sensory marketing. Main services include scent marketing and audio marketing activities.

Sensory marketing can be defined as any activities that engage all the senses in order to trigger specific associations and reactions, to raise brand awareness and to build customer loyalty to the brand on a deeper and emotional level.

Audio marketing is the oldest, most known and popular sensory marketing service. By using tailored music formats specially created for the needs of a brand, we can reach the customers’ consciousness and make them stay in a shop for longer and keep them coming back.

It’s the customer who’s the most important in the entire structure and his/hers expectations and tastes should be a guide in the process of building a marketing strategy for the brand.

In order to do that effectively, it is necessary to conduct research on customer’s behaviour and preferences. IMS creates its music programs based on its long experience and studies of customer’s behaviour and tastes.

We employ a group of music lovers including certified musicologists and we are able to select music to match every situation and place. We play for the customers, and thanks to this process, we know what they like and what they expect of us. Audio marketing is an important element that supports modern sensory marketing strategies and it cannot be disregarded now.

Scent marketing helps exert influence on customers’ behaviour and on their purchasing decisions. It makes the customer stay for longer in a shop and, what is more, it makes them keep coming back. Well selected scent creates a positive atmosphere and image of the place, improves well-being of both customers and employees, thereby increasing their productivity. We may choose a suitable fragrance mix for our customers and after a thorough analysis of air flow in a building and air conditioning plans we can provide them with installation and maintenance of a system.  Our unique scent emission system provides an adequate level of nice smell in a building. In order to ensure highest quality IMS Sensory uses state-of-the-art technological solutions