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IMS r&d (formerly Tech Cave) is a part of IMS S.A. Group, a leader in sensory marketing. We provide services in the area of innovation, technologies and technical service for sensory marketing: audio marketing, scent marketing, Digital Signage and Instore advertising.

We produce dedicated servers for displaying video contents and playing music. We always design solutions from scratch to optimally respond to all customer expectations. Continuity of operation and emission via our devices and systems is our highest priority. We are absolutely passionate about Digital Signage! Our competences in creating, managing and supervising the Digital Signage infrastructure are proven and confirmed by customer satisfaction; we have an experienced field-based technical and service team to guarantee quick service response.

We offer interactive multimedia application and equipment for sensory marketing. We produce inter alia Localizer and Discount Machine system, an application for large format touch screens, and TCadvert, our original Digital Signage System. We also combine our Localizer System platform with advanced interactive applications that support sales, implement dedicated Digital Signage solutions and continuously search for innovative solutions for our customers.