ESPI 27/2023 Completion of subscription of series D shares

The Management Board of IMS Spółka Akcyjna with its seat in Warsaw (the “Company”) announces the completion of the subscription and allotment of the Company’s series D shares. The take-over of shares took place on the basis of the Incentive Programme IV Regulations for 2021 – 2023 adopted by the Supervisory Board of the Company on 23 January 2021 and approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company on 2 March 2021, subsequently amended by the Supervisory Board of the Company on 4 May 2022, which was approved by Resolution No. 22 of 9 June 2022 of the Annual General Meeting.

  • Date of commencement and completion of the subscription – the opening of the subscription took place on 26 May 2023. The completion of the subscription was on 26 July 2023.
  • Date of allotment of securities – D shares were allotted on: 30 June 2023, 25 July 2023 and 26 July 2023.
  • 600.000 series D shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.02 each were subscribed.
  • No reduction took place.
  • Subscriptions were made for 1.600.000 series D shares.
  • As part of the subscription, 1.600.000 series D shares were allotted.
  • The issue price at which series D shares were subscribed for was PLN 0.51 per share.
  • Subscriptions for series D shares were submitted by 38 persons.
  • D series shares were allotted to 38 persons.
  • Shares were not subscribed for by underwriters.
  • The value of the conducted subscription: PLN 816.000,00.
  • No issue costs were incurred.
  • No issue costs were incurred, therefore the average cost of the issue per D series share was PLN 0.
  • Series D shares were subscribed for in exchange for cash contributions.


Detailed basis: paragraph 16 item 1 of RMF Regulation on current and periodic information

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