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IMS S.A. team is composed of experts in sensory marketing.
We have been developing our experience in the media and modern technology segment for over 10 years now. We use proven techniques that enable effective creation of mood in prospective customers.

Our activities cover:

IMS Sensory – services in sensory marketing: audio marketing, scent marketing, Digital Signage
IMS Media – advertising on Mall TV and Instore radio
IMS R&D – product technology and development
IMS Events – organisation of events and special actions

Feel, hear, see, touch and taste the sensory marketing.
IMS Sensory

Create an image of your brand. Create the best atmosphere in a point of sale. Welcome your customers with good music and suitably selected scent. Apply sensory marketing. Increase the optimism factor, keep your customers for longer and convince them to buy your products.

Services :
More than
shopping centres in Poland
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subscription locations
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foreign markets
IMS media

Use the power of video media in malls. Use advertising in the place where a product, money and consumer meet. Every fourth customer makes a purchase under the influence of advertising heard on Instore Radio or seen on Mall TV screens (03.2016 Millward Brown).

Services :
More than
More than
More than
m contacts per month
IMS events

Plan your event marketing actions: launches of new products, conferences, trainings, incentive trips and entrust their organization to IMS Events. New creations and new ideas are our passion. Reach your customer’s emotions.

Services :
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organised events
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IMS r&d

Design an atmosphere that is conducive to shopping. Apply the localizer system, create your own KidsPlay – Interactive Fun and Leisure Zone. Organize competitions and lotteries using Discount Machines. Choose large format Digital Singage advertising media for effective communication with your customer.

Services :
More than
audio servers
More than
Digital Singage servers
More than
large format DS display screens