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Music provided by IMS increases customer satisfaction

Research results show that Audiomarketing provided by IMS S.A. is an effective tool in building a positive atmosphere.

New advertising totem from IMS S.A. in Libero Katowice

We installed a two-sided advertising totem in the Gallery for advertising and self-promotional purposes.

The Gemini Park Tychy and Tarnow includes Giftomats

Our company has implemented modern devices for purchasing Gallery gift cards in these facilities.

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Marketing sensoryczny
IMS Sensory

IMS sensory offers innovative and comprehensive solutions based on the newest sensory marketing technologies.

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Marketing sensoryczny
IMS Media

IMS Media offers advertisements shown on displays at shopping centres and in service networks in the Digital Signage System, Mall TV, Instore radio and non-standard media.

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Event marketing
IMS Events

IMS events offers comprehensive event marketing services: launches of new products, conferences, trainings, incentive trips and overall marketing campaigns.

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IMS r&d

IMS r&d provides services in the area of innovation, technology and technical service for sensory marketing: audio marketing, scent marketing, Digital Signage and Instore advertising.

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