There are fragrances that make client spend more for shopping

The consumer, who has a soft rug under his feet in the store, smells a nice smell and hears relaxing music, feels like at home. The sense of security causes that the customer is more willing to spend more money in such an environment.

Research “The Cool Scent of Power”, which were carried out in stores and laboratories, prove that customers spend more in the environment of the so-called warm scents. They are, among others, vanilla or cinnamon. Cold scents, such as mint, affect consumers differently. The warm smell makes consumers perceive the environment as full of people, which means that they feel less pressure and more comfort.

The second discovery concerns the complexity of smells. Simple fragrances, such as oranges, make the customer feel comfortable in the store. More complex compositions, such as orange with basil and green tea, are perceived as too complex and can have the opposite effect – distract client from shopping.

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