Tatuum stores with IN-STORE MUSIC from IMS S.A.

IN-STORE MUSIC service from IMS S.A. has been implemented in 61 TATUUM stores across Poland. The Individual Music Format was developed by ours music Specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in their work. The playlist takes into account the current strategy and prestige of the TATUUM brand, the unique nature of its stores, as well as the musical preferences of customers. The IN-STORE MUSIC service aims to create an even more pleasant atmosphere, build a sensory logo and encourage Customers to return more often.

TATUUM is another important and unique brand that has joined the group of IMS S.A. clients using the IN-STORE MUSIC service. This service consists in using dedicated playlists that corresponds perfectly with the character of the company and the taste of customers.

TATUUM is a Polish brand that has been creating clothes and accessories collections for women and men who value beautiful, high quality, natural and comfortable things, for over 20 years. It has showrooms throughout Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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Source: Tatuum

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