New advertising totem from IMS S.A. in Libero Katowice

In LIBERO KATOWICE we installed a two-sided ADVERTISING TOTEM for advertising and self-promotional purposes of the Gallery. The housing is made of white corian, on a steel structure. TOTEM on both sides is equipped with 65 ” monitors, secured with tempered glass. The multimedia server installed in the device, together with the proprietary TCadvert software used for DIGITAL SIGNAGE content management, was produced by a company from the IMS S.A.Capital Group. TOTEM has a ventilation system that discharges heat to ensure optimal monitor operating temperature.

ADVERTISING TOTEMS are one of the elements of the wide offer of DIGITAL SIGNAGE IMS S.A. In addition to the implementation of this type of device, we also offer the production of attractive content, both neutral and commercial, which is displayed on them.

totem reklamowy, libero katowice, ims s.a.

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