How effective is DISPLAY ADVERTISING by IMS?

DISPLAY ADVERTISING is an extremely effective way of reaching a specific group of recipients in galleries and shopping centers. At IMS, we offer two forms of broadcasting advertising messages in such facilities – via IN STORE RADIO and VIDEO ADVERTISING.

Is DISPLAY ADVERTISING effective? As the results of Millward Brown research from 2016 show, 51% of customers remember at least one IMS VIDEO ADVERTISING broadcast in a shopping mall, and 24% of Consumers declare that they are buying a product under the influence of information heard from speakers or seen on screens.

At IMS, as part of DISPLAY ADVERTISING, we offer our Partners the opportunity to reach over 260 million customers per month, in over 2,100 locations, on over 800 screens in Poland.

In addition to broadcasting a campaign tailored to the advertising needs of our Partners, we also offer you the preparation of attractive advertising spots by IMS Specialists.


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