How does SCENT MARKETING affect how much we spend on shopping?

There are many positive aspects of SENSORY MARKETING usage in a commercial facility. These include, among others: building a pleasant atmosphere, strengthening the Customer’s attachment to the brand, more frequent returns of the Consumer to the point of sale and extending the time of stay in it, creating a sensory logo of the brand or a number of positive associations with a company. As it turns out, the use of SCENT MARKETING, which is one of the services in the field of SENSORY MARKETING, can also be reflected in the amount that the Customer spends on shopping.

As the results of the study carried out by Scent Air, show that 59% of consumers would spend more money in a place that was pleasantly scented. It is worth noting that the benefits of using a sophisticated, dedicated fragrance in a shopping facility are reciprocal – both Customers and business owners benefit. The Clients are shopping in a pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by a beautiful, stimulating senses. On the other hand, business owners can note an increase in sales thanks to this solution. Therefore, it is worth considering using SCENT MARKETING in your business. It is the very important element of every modern point of sale.

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