IN-STORE MUSIC provided by IMS increases customer satisfaction

IN-STORE MUSIC – a musical setting tailored to the place and taste of customers, is a great tool to build a nice and pleasant atmosphere in commercial facilities. SENSORY MARKETING affecting the sense of hearing build positive associations with the brand. As the results of Millward Brown research show, IN-STORE MUSIC is simply the perfect tool to achieve this goal.

As research results show, 89% of customers express their satisfaction with a visit in a shopping gallery, where music and advertising provided by IMS S.A. is played.

Employees at IMS S.A. are excellent experts in IN-STORE MUSIC. They perfectly create playlists corresponding both to the the place, the taste of customers and the business strategy of a company.

We have been succesfully providing SENSORY MARKETING solutions for over 19 years to a huge number of prestigious brands both in Poland and abroad.

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