ESPI 16/2019 Estimated financial results of the IMS Capital Group for the year 2018 and the recommendation of the Board of Directors of IMS S.A. regarding payment of dividends

Estimated financial results of the IMS Capital Group for the year 2018 – download

The Board of Directors of IMS S.A. (“Company”, “Issuer”) submits the estimated financial results of the IMS Capital Group (“Group”) for the year 2018:
1. Revenue from sales PLN 52.7m,
2. EBIT PLN 12m,
3. EBITDA PLN 16.5m,
4. Net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company PLN 9.3m.

The results are in line with the financial projections published in ESPI 16/2018 financial report on 23 May 2018.

Beside stable gradual growth of revenue in subscription segments, which are of key importance from the Group’s business stability point of view, year 2018 was another consecutive successful year in the advertising segment. Detailed data referring to the financial results of the Group for 2018 are included in the attached report.

At the same time, the Board of Directors of IMS S.A. informs that, taking into consideration very good estimated results of the IMS Group for 2018 and the good financial position of the Issuer and the Group, it will recommend to the Supervisory Board and the Annual General Meeting of the Company to pay out dividend for 2018 in the amount of PLN 0.19/share. The above mentioned recommendation means that the amount of PLN 6,031,064.93 will be allotted to payment of dividends to Shareholders. The dividend rate, based on the closing price of 05.03.2019, is 4.32%.

The dividend will cover not more than 31,742,447 shares (i.e. the number of Issuer’s shares less own shares bought by the Issuer by 05.03.2019). Due to the fact that the Company holds its own shares and that the share buyback is pending (own shares do do participate in the dividend), the ultimate number of shares held by the Shareholders and giving right to dividend for 2018 as well as the amount of paid out dividend will be determined by the Board of Directors of the Company after the dividend has been approved by the Annual General Meeting (“the AGM”), as at the dividend record date. It is the intention of the Board to recommend to the AGM to maintain the constant value of the dividend of PLN 0.19 per share for the year 2018.

The above mentioned recommendation is in line with the dividend policy implemented in the IMS Group and published in 26/2016 current report of 17.05.2016, which says that every year at least 60% of the consolidated net profit attributable to the parent company is allotted to be shared among the Shareholders.

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