The scent marketing from IMS has been implemented in the Karolinka Shopping Center

KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER in Opole has chosen SCENT MARKETING from IMS, which creates a unique fragrance setting in it. IMS specialists in cooperation with the Management of the Center chose for this unique place notes: gardenia, jasmine, citrus, vanilla and musk that fill the shopping arcade, as well as the entrance to the gallery. SCENT BRANDING in this facility is a continuation of successful cooperation between IMS and the KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER.

Centrum Handlowe Karolinka, Retail Journal, Retail
SCENT AMRKETING from IMS consists in choosing unique fragrance notes that match the character of the place and the brand, as well as the taste of its customers. In addition, SCENT BRANDING is designed to build a nice and pleasant atmosphere at a given point or facility, making the time spent there pleasant. KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER is a special point on the map of Opole – it is the largest shopping and service complex, as well as a meeting place for family and friends. A modern building and a wide range of stores – from groceries, interior furnishings to modern boutiques, makes KAROLINKA SHOPPING CENTER a place full of life, full of energy and potential.
Centrum Handlowe Karolinka, Retail Journal, Retail
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