Tatuum stores in Hungary with IN-STORE MUSIC from IMS

IN-STORE MUSIC from IMS has been implemented in subsequent showrooms of the prestigious TATUUM brand. This time, the service covers all retail outlets of this brand in Hungary, which is a continuation of the successful cooperation between IMS and TATUUM. We have already implemented IN-STORE MUSIC in 61 showrooms of this brand in Poland.

IMS specialists have prepared a playlist perfectly corresponding to the unique character of the TATUUM brand, its business assumptions, as well as the taste of its customers. This results in creations an even more pleasant atmosphere at the sales points of this company. 
SENSORY MARKETING from IMS S.A. is an effective tool for building a brand logo that works on the senses and emotions of customers. Our group of Partners is constantly growing, thanks to which IN-STORE MUSIC is already delivering to over 18,000 locations in Poland and Europe. In addition to the tailor-made playlist, we also offer the implementation of a sound system, each time delivering the highest quality product at an attractive price. TATUUM is a brand that creates beautiful collections of clothes and accessories, characterized by high quality and comfort. Offers products for both women and men. TATUUM has been on the market for over 20 years and has showrooms throughout Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic and Hungary.
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Source: Tatuum

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