IMS provided digital solutions to RBL_: eco office for people who create the future

IMS has provided DIGITAL SIGAGE solutions for an very innovative project – RBL_: eco offices for those who create the future. It is one of the most popular work spaces, technology and greenery cooperate and complement each other. The project was commissioned by ALIOR BANK, for micro-enterprises, startups and innovators in the Fintech industry.

LED panels covered above heads

IMS specialists have provided a range of DIGITAL SIGNAGE solutions for this project. On the ceiling LED panels were installed, in which Renaissance objects, trees, changing colors and images of the soothing sky are displayed. They brighten one interior, cover a unique, relaxing and inspiring space to work and give the interior an artistic character. LED screens are interspersed with live plants, which gives a unique combination of technology with the world of nature.

Another solution in the field of DIGITAL SIGNAGE provided by IMS specialists to the RBL_ office, is a large-format screen, enabling the use of various content, including materials at work.

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