How to make the customer feel a strong bond with the brand?

To build customer attachment to our brand and make it evoke positive associations, it is worth reaching for modern SENSORY MARKETING solutions. This is especially important because of the constantly growing competition and, consequently, the need to stand out from its background.

Stimulating many senses

Multisensory experiences affecting the senses: sight, touch, taste, sound and smell, are strongly remembered by consumers and definitely help build their brand attachment. The mechanism of action is simple – the more senses you can stimulate, the greater the emotional bond of customers with the brand.

Fragrant pencil and memory

Scholars at Harvard Business School conducted an experiment in which the subjects received pencils with the scent of a tea tree and were asked to remember various information. Two weeks later, after receiving the same pencils, a group of subjects easily remembered the information given fourteen days ago.*

Sensory logo

At IMS S.A. we help brands create their sensory logo, consisting of, among others from the smell, music or image emitted on the latest screens. All our products are tailored by outstanding specialists to a specific customer profile, creating the desired, unique atmosphere at the point of sale.


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