How does SENSORY MARKETING affect friends’ recommendations?

SENSORY MARKETING, which consists of IN-STORE MUSIC, SCENT MARKETING and DIGITAL SIGNAGE, is an extremely effective tool in creating a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere at the point of sale. As it turns out, in addition to the effects of increasing sales or extending the client’s stay at the point of sale, it also has to do with whether we recommend the store to friends. And the recommendation of people close to us is an extremely powerful tool that affects how much we spend, because under its influence, we make purchases easier.

As shown by the results of research carried out by WalnutUnlimited, as many as 8 out of 10 customers will recommend the store to friends if they like it: decor, music and scent. To create a sensory brand logo that appeals to customers, it is worth trusting professionals in this area.

At IMS S.A. our specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in their work, Specialists in: sound (IN-STORE MUSIC), smell (SCENT MARKETING) and DIGITAL SIGNAGE systems, offer the creation of a sensory setting tailored to the character and strategy of the brand and perfectly matching the taste of its customers. Drawing on our more than 20 years of experience, we have become leaders in providing the highest quality, tailor-made services in the field of SENSORY MARKETING.

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