Eurofirany stores with a SCENT MARKETING from IMS S.A.

EUROFIRANY is another unique brand that has joined the group of clients of IMS S.A. using the SCENT MARKETING service. We installed a sophisticated bamboo leaf aroma with a lime peel accent in twenty network locations. Sophisticated fragrance notes emphasize the prestige of stores and encourage CUSTOMERS to spend longer time in them and frequent returns. The use of the SCENT MARKETING service in EUROFIRANY showrooms perfectly matches the character of the brand providing products that build a unique atmosphere in any interior.

SCENT MARKETING is one of many services from the portfolio of IMS S.A. building sensory brand logos and a unique atmosphere at sales points. Our experienced experts always choose the fragrance with great care so that it perfectly reflects the character of the brand and corresponds with the profile of its customers.

EUROFIRANY is a company from the home & decor industry dealing in the production of unique decorative articles and equipment: dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. EUROFIRANY has stores in many cities in Poland. You can also buy this brand’s products at

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