Can SCENT MARKETING affect meal satisfaction?

It turns out that SCENT MARKETING not only builds a nice atmosphere, extends the duration of customers’ stay in a shopping center or increases sales, but also increases food satisfaction. As the research commissioned by Scent Air shows, a scented luminaire used in a restaurant space can increase meal satisfaction by as much as 8%.

SCENT MARKETING is a service of professional USES OF SCENT compositions, aimed at emphasizing the character of the brand. Its implementation takes into account, among others conditions in the shopping center. Restaurants are unique in this respect, because they are filled with the smells of meals. However, even in such demanding conditions it is worth using the SENSORY MARKETING solutions.

IMS S.A. specialists they choose scent notes so that they perfectly correspond with the brand, positively affect emotions, but also retain their unique character, even in the company of the aromas characteristic of a given space.

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